Co-Chair of the Action for Children and Families Network, Ashling Tobin of the Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT), joined Acting Executive Director of IPRT, Molly Joyce in a meeting with Paula and Liz from Children of Prisoners Europe (COPE) on Monday 13 February 2023. The staff of COPE are based in France and the meeting was facilitated online.

In this introductory meeting, best practices in the area of children of prisons across Europe were discussed. IPRT learned of different children of prisoner’s initiatives that were taking place in other countries.

IPRT is an application member of COPE and is in the process of becoming full members, with the aim to completing the process by June. There are many benefits of IPRT becoming a full member of COPE, particularly around information sharing with internal organisations working with children of prisoners.

COPE is holding a conference for it’s network members taking place in Bedford Row in Limerick in June, which IPRT will be represented at.

IPRT look forward to further developing its relationship with COPE and its member organisations.