On Tuesday 25 July 2023, members of the steering committee of the collaborative book project between Kid’s Own Publishing and Irish Penal Reform Trust’s (IPRT)  with support of the Action for Children and Families Network met for the first time.

The book project involves working collaboratively with children and young people (0-18 years) over approximately 8 sessions. It is a supportive project where children and young people can feel valued and listened too. Ensuring the young people are in a place where they can discuss the impact of having a parent in prison and that they have a supportive network around them, both throughout the process and afterwards is core to the project.

The agreed role of members of the steering committee of the project will be provide advice, support and guide the project. They will also provide practical support to the project to include access to young people & premises, disassembling ideas, development of workshops, organising conferences and launches. 

Steering committee members are due to bring back the project idea to their teams and discuss potential involvement of young people in the project. Other members will meet to discuss the supporting research piece and continue to look at funding options for the learning resource kit to accompany the book.

The next steering committee meeting for the collaborative book project will take place on 31 August 2023.